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Covenant Moravian Beliefs 

It is essential that we never lose sight of the fact that our faith is not simply a list of statements about us or our Church. Our faith is relationship — relationship with Jesus Christ. This provides a basis for relationship with each other. This should always be the foundation of our understanding of Moravian identity. Once we understand this, then we can use the statements below as a way to describe this relationship.

  • Moravians believe in one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • Moravians believe that Jesus Christ is the way to God and God’s way to us.

  • Moravians believe that a personal, heart-felt relationship with God through Jesus Christ is an essential part of faith.

  • Moravians hold that faith in Jesus Christ must also be a community experience.

  • Moravians believe the Church is called into existence by Jesus Christ to serve him and follow him.

  • Moravians find guidance for doctrine and faith through the Bible.

Our Covenant Moravian Church 

OUTREACH - We seek to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community. We also help with congregational meals and visiting home bound  members. 

SERVICESOur services are led by our Pastor, Rev. Jeff Jones

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