Covenant Moravian Beliefs 

It is essential that we never lose sight of the fact that our faith is not simply a list of statements about us or our Church. Our faith is relationship — relationship with Jesus Christ. This provides a basis for relationship with each other. This should always be the foundation of our understanding of Moravian identity. Once we understand this, then we can use the statements below as a way to describe this relationship.

  • Moravians believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Moravians believe that Jesus Christ is the way to God and God’s way to us.

  • Moravians believe that a personal, heart-felt relationship with God through Jesus Christ is an essential part of faith.

  • Moravians hold that faith in Jesus Christ must also be a community experience.

  • Moravians believe the Church is called into existence by Jesus Christ to serve him and follow him.

  • Moravians find guidance for doctrine and faith through the Bible.

Our Covenant Moravian Church 

OUTREACH We also help with congregational meals and visiting home bound  members.  We have a mowing team, and a painting and electrical team. 

SERVICESOur services are led by Pastor Jeffrey Jones who comes to us from Bethabara Moravian Church in Winston-Salem NC  He has been a pastor for 7 years.


We have a day care center, in a separate building on site, which offers full daycare. Click on 

the photo to the left to be taken to their website.